on this day, you get beat. or beats.

click on the nefarious link above to be taken straight to it’s source, the bandCREV page. Night Gallery was an obscure show by Rod Serling, taking the whole Twilight Zone ideal to the obvious next level. I’m a nighttimer and I wanted to make something for the hours of 9:45pm to 5:45am that you could just sulk and/or soak to. Tales From The Darkside (really the intro more than anything on the show) was a definite influence on my sound and that has nothing to do with the title of this record. 

I used Ableton Live 8 (not 9, I wonder why no one caught that one on the cover of black jack parsons. fools don’t read, write or ask questions.) and a bunch of synths, soft synths and drum machines. 

Posted: April 4th

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