blast from the developmental past.

I already thought about doing a whole “behind the music I make” thing, explaining these random records that were made elsewhere and released in some unorthodox and heretical way. THIS is something else. the homie posted this pic on twitter the other day and to say that I was taken aback isn’t even the word to use. 


-that picture of me came from another era and it looks like it was cut out of a yearbook or check cashing ID, which verily well could have been the case. 

-outdoor systems was the sister label to prototapes, which was my first “label” that I put my little dubbed tapes out on. I don’t know what the black cross on red was signifying and the name math co-processor preceded the identity Kelvin Centrigrade, and so-on… also, this tape was probably made in 97 and labeled 98 on some kool keith biter shit. the record sex style has a year trademark that is a year past it’s initial release, at first I thought it was crazy and then I thought of some literal “ahead of the time” shit and figured keith was showing you yet another way that he was on it. thus, kids jocking and 97 became 98…

-I can’t tell you what I used to make the music, machine wise or how many beats are on it or if there are even beats on the tape! I was getting really loaded, learning to use whatever sound generating machine in my midst and using blind faith when it came to a tape dub. this tape was obviously something that was given to you by me for some kind of drug, no store in any land at the time would have had this concoction in their hip-hop section.

Posted: March 3th